Cross-border network for the mobility of workers

The CrossWork aims to create a virtuous path for cross-border mobility that can increase the employment levels through the absorption of excess labour supply existing on the Sicilian labour market and improve the competitiveness of host businesses which mostly operate in a labour market, namely the Maltese one, which presents opposite and complementary structural conditions, with a surplus of labour demand from small and medium enterprises.

General context

Taking into account some characteristics of the area addressed by the project, including geographical decentralization with respect to the EU centre of gravity, limitations in the connections of transport systems, accentuated rurality and widespread presence of small and medium-sized urban centres, the economic and social situation of the two non-homogeneous territories in terms of population and size, the territorial challenges the present project intends to address, concern inclusive growth – the promotion of an economy with a high employment rate, in particular the improvement of the competitiveness of SMEs, the quality of life in the cross-border area affected by the phenomenon of an aging population and the increase of the rate of socio-economic inclusion of young people.


The beneficiaries of the mobility vouchers will be 36 young people and newly graduates residing in the cooperation area (30 in Sicily and 6 in Malta), selected through a targeted public tender procedure. In particular, the beneficiaries must fall into the following categories: unemployed (people who have never had a job and who are currently looking for work); unemployed (people who no longer have a job but who are actively looking for it); disadvantaged people (e.g. people with disabilities, immigrants, drug addicts, ex-prisoners, etc., of any age).

Working Internship

Internships will be carried out in companies located in the cross-border area (micro, small and medium-sized) active in the sectors of the strategy of the Cooperation Program:

  • Blue economy
  • Health and quality of life (biotechnologies, nutrition and Mediterranean diet, services and networks for human health);
  • Environment protection;
  • Services for sustainable tourism.

Mobility Voucher

The mobility voucher are of maximum Euro 12.000,00 all-inclusive for 6 months of mobility and will be disbursed to the beneficiaries on a monthly basis. The voucher will be reduced pro-rata in the event that the work placement internship is not 100% completed and will not be recognized if the work placement internship has not reached at least 60% of the 6 months duration. A selected beneficiary cannot receive more than one voucher.