Cross-border network for the mobility of workers

The CROSSWORK Partnership is made up of bodies and organizations with long experience in training, international mobility and European projects

LOGOS Società Cooperativa

For over 20 years the company has been operating in the field of human resource development and training, becoming a training institution accredited by the Sicilian Region - Department of Education and Professional Training. Furthermore, Logos is accredited and registered in the regional catalogue for 1st level apprenticeship training and it is accredited as provider of employment services (SGO and SSF). in 2011 Logos was the first organisation in Sicily accredited by DG Enterprise of European Commission as Intermediate Organisation for Erasmus for young entrepreneurs - a EU cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries, program funded under COSME. Ever since, Logos continues to be part of this European network, facilitating dozens of young Italian future entrepreneurs as well as established Italian entrepreneurs to take advantage of this opportunity.

IPS Principi Grimaldi

IPS Principi Grimaldi has over sixty years of experience in the field of vocational education. Founded in 1952, it was one of the first vocational institutes for agriculture in Italy and included numerous branch offices throughout the province. Its interested area included a large part of central-southern Sicily. Thanks to the extension of the geographical area of origin of the students, for over 40 years the Institute has been equipped with an annexed boarding school, today one of the last remaining on Sicilian territory. During the years, the Institute developed and changed its focus; currently, it has three main sectors (Food & Wine and Hotel Hospitality; Agriculture, rural development, promotion of local products and management of forest and mountain resources; Auxiliary arts of health professions: optician) located in two different municipalities: Modica and Chiaramonte Gulfi. Over the years, the Institute has managed dozens of PON-FSE, PON-FESR, ERASMUS + KA1 and ERASMUS + KA2 projects, for funds amounting to several million euros.

The Malta Chamber of SMEs

Malta Chamber of SMEs, former GRTU - General Retailers and Traders Union - Association of General Retailers and Traders - is Malta's national organisation of independent private businesses. With over 7,000 members coming from 12,000 different business outlets, Malta Chamber of SMEs represents the largest group of retailers of goods and services, contractors, distributors, wholesalers and independent technical and professional services. Malta Chamber of SMEs represents Maltese traders and retailers on various national fora including the Malta Council for Economic Development, the Planning Authority, the Advisory Board of the National Organisation, the Fruit and Vegetables Board, the Commission for the Self Employed, the Council for Consumer Affairs and the Traffic Control Board. Its’ policies have always been geared towards the fostering of private venture and the advancement of small and medium-sized owner managed enterprises. Malta Chamber of SMEs believes that greater prosperity is within reach if commercial principles and practices rather than political ideology were to guide economic policy-making.