Cross-border network for the mobility of workers

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Crosswork creates a virtuous mechanism that, by placing human capital in the cross-border area at the centre and exploiting the extremely varied characteristics of the labour market in the two territories, can contribute to the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of the area, developing the competitiveness of the MSMEs, improving the employment rate, increasing the socio-economic inclusion rate of young people.
Targeted Area

Italy – Sicily Region


36 young people and newly graduates
Disadvantaged people

Project duration

24 months
21.06.2021 – 20.06.2023


36 micro, small and medium companies
-blue economy
-health and quality of life
-environment protection
-services for sustainable tourism


CROSSWORK – cross-border network for the mobility of workers

Crosswork Objectives

36 job placements internships
36 job placements internships (made by young beneficiaries of the voucher in companies operating in the priority sectors of the program)
Mobility vouchers
Assignment of 36 mobility vouchers (with a maximum value of 12,000.00 Euros for 6 months, paid monthly to each beneficiary)
Creation of a network
Creation of a network for cross-border mobility (to foster and facilitate the cross-border mobility of young people)
Creation of a virtual platform

Creation of a virtual platform for matching labour supply and demand in the cross-border area (a virtual job agency working in synergy with other similar realities in the cross-border area)

Project Partners

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